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I love Big Sur more and more each time we go. Living in Monterey, CA makes it very convenient to get down there and we are taking advantage of that while we are here. The first opportunity we had to get there was in April when we had the opportunity to drive from LAX to Florence, OR and took as much of Highway 1 as we could. Up until this past weekend (my birthday weekend!), we had only explored on the coastal road. Now we realize there is so much more and I can’t wait to go back.  I’m going to start this page by describing our weekend.  Below, I will put more things we have done during day trips to Big Sur.

DAY 1 11.11.2017

The first part of the weekend was not in Big Sur; it was in Monterey. Leslie took me out for an amazing breakfast buffet for my birthday. After that we headed down the coastal road to Nacimiento-Fergusson Road (after a few stops at lookouts on the coastal road, of course). We drove up about 7 miles to the narrow Coast Ridge Road to the amazing campground.  We spent the night there enjoying the sunset, making hotdogs, playing cards with strangers, and photographing.

The Club Room: For my birthday breakfast, Leslie gave me the option – a wonderful homemade breakfast or the breakfast buffet at the Club Room. It was hard to pass up on the homemade breakfast cause I knew it would be amazing, but we don’t go out for breakfast often and the buffet had everything. We arrived an hour and fifteen minutes before closing and that gave us plenty of time to try almost everything. My favorites were the French toast, bacon, smoked salmon/bagels, eggs…okay I liked it all. They had a great spread with very good quality food. It’s located inside the Portola Hotel and it was $20 for the buffet.  It was a good decision and we both enjoyed it quite a bit.  I almost forgot to mention bottomless mimosa’s were included.

The Club Room

Nacimiento-Fergusson Road: When I was researching the “hidden” Big Sur, I read nothing but good things about this road. It’s a windy, steep (at times), narrow road that shows off many good views from a higher elevation of highway 1 and the coast line. I was excited to drive the length of this road to experience it for myself (with Leslie, of course)! I don’t know if we’re quite in good enough cycling shape to take it on with our bikes right now, but it definitely looks like a great bike ride (no shoulder). Below are a couple pictures from the West side of the road, looking over the view of the ocean.

(Views From) Nacimiento-Fergusson Road

Prewitt Ridge: There is a lot to explore on the dirt roads of the Los Padres National Forest, in the mountains of Big Sur. We chose our camping destination for the night to be up on Prewitt Ridge, which I found one resource online calling it “one of the best campsites in North America” and I wouldn’t deny that. It is all dispersed camping up there and the roads to get there are not smooth, to say the least. When we arrived, there were many different spots around where you could park and set up camp (no designated sites). We picked our spot and then got out of the car to walk around a little to make sure it was the best spot (it was). We definitely weren’t the only ones up there but I wouldn’t call it crowded. We shared our little area with a couple of guys and then after we went to bed, 2 more cars pulsed up near where we were. The views were incredible (see below), the stars were shining, and it was a fantastic night. We made hot dogs, played cards with strangers, and took photos. Note: fires are not allowed here due to extreme fire danger.  We saw other campers not too far away breaking this rule. If you come here, please don’t do that. Lastly, being a dispersed site, don’t expect any water or other services. BYOTP. The coordinates for the campground are 35.970278, -121.450784.

Prewitt Ridge

DAY 2 11.12.2017

Cone Peak


Calla Lily Valley

Big Sur Taphouse


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