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Summit Lake

Trailhead Location47.031608, -121.827226


Distance: 6.1mi RT

Elevation Gain: 1,300'

Difficulty Rating: 2.5/5

OCT 20, 2018

We picked this hike on this day because it is a fairly short drive from the Seattle area (90 minutes from Kent, where we were living) and had been on the list due to the rewarding views.

The parking area is fairly small but we had no trouble getting a spot, arriving before 9am and when we finished, there were a couple spots open. 


The trail begins through the forest below treeline, as shown above.  The trail gets a little steeper as it goes and is fairly easy to follow. Before you know it, you are out of the treeline and the lake is just ahead.


We hung out by the lake for a little bit and had some snacks. My new favorite hiking snack is the flavored tuna in a bag.

We almost made the huge mistake of turning back at the lake. Online I had seen a photo of the lake showing Mt. Rainier in the background but didn't really know how to find that spot. We saw that the trail continued on and decided we'd follow it for about 10 to 15 more minutes just in case.


Before we knew it, we found this view above and knew we must be close!


And once you finally make it to the top, here's the rewarding view you will see.  It was only another 10-15 minutes of easy climbing to get to this view. Definitely worth the minimal extra work!

The only disappointment from the hike was as soon as we arrived to the parking area, I realized I forgot a memory card for my camera, hence the poor quality Galaxy S7 images!


One of my favorite things to do when hiking back to the car is deciding what we want to eat when we're done. This time we drove until we had cell service and then pulled over. The Carlson Block had the best reviews on the drive home so that's where we went for some pizza. I love brick oven pizza and that's what you get here.


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