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DAY 1 SUN 06.13.2018

This was a long anticipated trip.  We booked our flights in October 2017. There was a lot of planning that went into this one so let's get started and talk about it!

We had a direct flight on United from SFO to OGG. Our flight left at 945AM which was amazing cause we usually end up on red-eyes or with flights at 630AM so it feels like a red-eye.  Once we landed, we smoothly got our rental car from Maui Budget Cars and took off to go about our first day in Maui which included…

Waihee Trail [4mi out & back]

Kahakuloa Point [great spot for a photo]

Lorraine’s Shave Ice [great reviews online] CLOSED

Olivine Pools [swimming] - SKIPPED

Heart Shaped Rock & Nakalele Blowhole [park @ pull-off just before Acid War Zone Trail]

Makaluapuna Point [cool rock formation by the water]

Kapalua Coastal Trail [short, easy trail along the coast]

Napili Bay [beach with a view]

Kaanapali Beach [cliff diving @ sunset, every night] – COULDN'T FIND IT

Lahaina [Old town for walking around, food?] - REALLY COOL

Dinner @ Lahaina Cafe and Shaved Ice next door

Lodging: Airbnb – Kihei – add link

Waihee Trail: I would absolutely recommend this to anybody (who likes uphill climbs). We got up to the first lookout and enjoyed the amazing view (see pic below), however, the fog took over after that and we couldn't see any of the view past that point. It was an awesome hike. It was super muddy and slippery, which made it a little tricky, especially coming down. The hike is about 4 miles RT and I would rate it as moderate-difficult

Just Dodged A Storm

Waihee Ridge

More From Waihee Ridge

Kahakuloa Point: We pulled off at the tiny pull-off and got on and took a photo. That's about all we did here as we had a lot on the agenda!

Kahakuloa Point

Lorraine’s Shave Ice: I picked this place because of it's great reviews and location (we went right by it) but it was definitely closed. I didn't even see it but Leslie said she saw it. I can't tell you the hours but they were closed on a Sunday around 5pm.

Olivine Pools: I usually plan too many things and because of that, this didn't make the cut.

Heart Shaped Rock & Nakalele Blowhole: Before we even knew we were coming to Hawaii, I had seen these online. As soon as I realized they were on the island we were going to, they went on the must-see list. Parking: Use these coordinates [21.024501, -156.590367] and you will find exactly where to park. From there, walk down the trail about a 1/4 mile. We wore flip-flops but it's a little rocky and sneakers would be better but it's pretty easy to get there. The Blowhole was easier to find but just keep your eyes open and you'll find the Heart-Shaped Rock as well.

Heart-Shaped Rock (we found it)

My itinerary list above had several things that we skipped. At this point, it was getting close to 7pm. Everything was just taking a little more time than expected and we were getting pretty hungry.  We didn't want to skip Kaanapali Beach as I had read it's the perfect place for sunset cliff jumping. We could not find it. The area it's in is full of resorts. We did find one parking lot that we could have used and then taken a shuttle to the beach so that may be the best option (unless you're staying at the resorts). Again, it was getting late and we were hungry so we decided to just head to Lahaina!

Lahaina: We loved Lahaina. It is an old-town with shops and restaurants and perfect for walking around, grabbing dinner, and some shaved ice!

Lahainaluna Cafe: We are so bad at choosing where to eat because we are too picky when making the decision. As we were walking around Lahaina, I was googling and yelping to find something delicious and affordable. Super glad we ended up at Lahaina Cafe. It was delicious and meals were around $12 each. I ordered the Korean beef and Les got Chicken Katsu.

Korean Beef

Chicken Katsu

Ululani's Shave Ice: With this place being right next door to Lahainaluna Cafe, it was a no-brainer to come here (they planned that pretty well). Our first shave ice experience was a success. You can get up to 3 flavors in one and it was so awesome. It really is pretty unique and is MUCH better than a sno-cone (not even a good comparison). I would say it's more like Italian ice than a sno-cone.


Lahainaluna Cafe

Day 3 Anchor


It was the first of many long days and we were pretty wiped out. We had an Airbnb for the night in Kihei (About 30 minutes from Lahaina) so we just went there and crashed after dinner and dessert!

One More Photo From The Day

This was the sunset we witnessed on night one from a random pull-off overlooking the island of Lanai just North of Lahaina.

DAY 2 MON 05.14.2018

We didn't realize we were jet-lagged til we got up at 4am without being tired. Fortunately for us, the Kiehi Caffe opens at 5am and it was the perfect day for an early start. It was the day to drive the Road to Hana!  Here's what was on the list...

Day 2 Anchor

Breakfast: Kihei Caffe

Twin Falls

Na’ Ili’Ili-Haele Stream / Waterfall

Haipua’ena Falls

Kaumahina State Wayside Park

Honomanu Bay

Upper Waikani Falls

Wailuaiki Falls

Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside

Hanawi Falls

Makapipi Falls

Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach

Lodging: Airbnb, Hana (insert link)

*Paihi Falls (bonus)

*Wailua Falls (bonus)
*Hamoa Beach

Kihei Caffe: Part of the reason we picked it is because it opens super early. It is also highly rated and the staff were very friendly. The food was very good and Leslie loved her papaya! I went simple and got eggs, bacon, potato, and a biscuit.

Kihei Sunrise

Twin Falls (trail)

Twin Falls

Bamboo Forest

Haipua’ena Falls: Great stop. There is some legal parking where the bend in the road is (pull offs before and after the bridge). It's a very short and easy walk to a small waterfall and a pool. You can continue up the left side and there is at least one more waterfall up there but it is pretty sketchy to get to. We didn't stop in for a dip just yet.  *TIP: if you skip this or just can't get any parking here, there are lots more waterfalls and pools ahead so you'll be okay!

First (Lower) Falls

Second (Upper) Falls)

Kaumahina State Wayside Park: This place is great...if you need to use the bathroom.

Honomanu Bay: Located at mile marker 14.1 Most people park on Hana Hwy but you can take the sharp turn down the rough road and it take you to a parking area alongside the beach! This is a pretty rocky beach and isn't the best beach for a swim. We hung out here for little bit before taking off for the next stop.