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I was originally more excited about N. Cascades NP than Mt. Rainier, but after going to both twice, I would choose Mt. Rainier if I had to pick between the two. Paradise alone is one of the most incredible hikes we've done, surrounding us with views throughout the entire hike. 

We reserved a spot at Cougar Rock campground for Friday and Saturday nights beginning on July 7, 2018. We took off after work and arrived around 8pm, after stopping at the Base Camp Grill in Ashford, just outside the entrance to the Park. Other than that, we hung out at the campground for a bit before heading to bed in preparation of our big day for Saturday.

DAY 1 SATURDAY 07.07.2018 

One of the best things about camping, is waking up and having coffee while relaxing at the campsite. Then once we are ready, we get the breakfast going. Here is what we had planned for the rest of the day...

Christine Falls

Ricksecker Point Road

Narada Falls

Ruby Falls

Inspiration Point (lookout)

Reflection Lake

Bench Lake/Snow Lake Hike

Grove of the Patriarchs Hike

Silver Falls Hike

Christine Falls: This waterfall is very easy to access right from the main road. If you're coming from the same campground, head just past the bridge and there is a small parking area for the viewing point. There is an even smaller pull-off before the bridge but the better viewing point is probably a .1 mile RT walk from the pull-off just past the bridge. The photos below are what you will see..

Ricksecker Point Road: It's not super special...I mean considering there are views everywhere. It's a one-way loop and unless you're really pressed for time, it doesn't hurt to take the road! It's about a mile long and it reconnects with the main road. There are a few pull-offs along the way including Ricksecker Point.   [Ricksecker Point: 46.769813, -121.781047]