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DAY 1(EVENING) THURS 05.17.2018

If you didn't just click over here from the Maui page, we spent 4 1/2 days there first and caught an early evening flight over to Oahu. We got picked up at the airport by our rental car company (Lucky Owl) and brought us to our little red Corolla. After coming from Maui, we were taken back by the fact that we were smack in the middle of a major city. Everywhere we had gone in Maui had the island feel to it so we weren't expecting to be sitting in rush-hour traffic. We planned a few things for the evening before settling in for the night.

Helena's Hawaiian Food

Magic Island



Helena's Hawaiian Food: I found this place online and it was very highly reviewed. Why wouldn't you want Hawaiian food when you're in Hawaii? The area and the restaurant were very busy. We decided to order to go and head over to Magic Island to eat over there. We ordered "Menu A (Kalua Pig & Lomi Salmon)" and "Menu B (Kalua Pig & Shortribs)." On the side, we got one rice and one poi. We didn't know what the heck poi was by we felt we needed to try it (I wouldn't do it again). The shortribs were my favorite. The salmon was a little disappointing cause it was diced with tomatoes and we didn't even realize there was salmon in it at first.  I probably wouldn't go back but I'm glad we tried it.

Helena's at Magic Island

Magic Island: I was hoping we'd get here for a nice sunset but it was very overcast and there was no color in the sky. We ended up hanging out here for a while and Leslie was very patient with me while I got this photo...

Honolulu (from Magic Island)

This is a really cool spot to hang out and it's right by the beach as well. It's a great spot for picnics or to go running or just to relax and enjoy the scenery. There's plenty of free parking but it can get busy!

Waikiki: Just a couple miles away is Waikiki, which I believe is a part of Honolulu. The vibe I got is that it's a fantastic place to go for nightlife. You'll find resorts, hotels, beaches, restaurants, shopping and all that night-lifey stuff. We walked around for a little bit before heading to the Airbnb (we came back another night).

DAY 2 FRI 05.18.2018

Despite the flight from Maui to Hawaii the day before, it was a relatively light day so we were rested and ready for another early start and an action packed day! Here were our plans...

Day 2

Hanauma Bay

Breakfast @ Moena Cafe

Koko Head Hike

Lanai Lookout

Halona Blowhole Lookout / Halona Cove

Sandy Beach

Makapuu Lookout

Waimanalo Beach Park

Pillbox Hike

Dinner @ Maui Mike's Chicken

Pali Lookout

Hanauma Bay

Moena Cafe

Koko Head

Lanai Lookout: We planned the day so that everything would be convenient. This was right on the way we were headed so we pulled in the lot.  If you climbed Koko Head (or are going to), you will get a more scenic view of this spot from the summit.

Halona Blowhole LookoutAt this viewpoint, it seemed like was okay to jump over the fence and explore the rocky coastal line like many were when we were there. Otherwise, it is a cool viewpoint that reminded me of the California coast that we had just left. Also, facing the ocean, if you head to the far right there is a cove called Halona Cove that looked like a very fun place to swim in! We saw a mini "eruption" of the blowhole. If you're looking for it, it was kind of toward the center of the viewing area.

The Blowhole Not Blowing

Halona Cove

Sandy Beach: This is a nice, pretty big beach. Big waves, soft sand. Definitely a good beach for relaxation or playing in the water.

Sandy Beach

Makapu'u Lookout: This lookout has a parking area and provides an amazing view of Makapu'u Beach with the mountain range behind it. The beach below looked like another amazing beach to spend time at (unfortunately we didn't make it to this one). Definitely stop here for this view.

Makapu'u Lookout

Waimanalo Beach Park: This is yet another beautiful beach that Oahu has to offer. With it's soft white sand, this is the beach we chose to spend most of our time at for the day...we swam here for a while!  The water was perfect. The waves weren't too was just right.  I did not bring my camera, therefore, no pictures!

Pillbox Hike: This hike is 3.2mi out & back to the Pillbox, however, the trail keeps going! It is an amazing hike and was even better than we expected going in. There is a fair amount of street parking in the area but do not park illegally. You will get ticketed or towed. The hike is pretty steep, offers amazing views. I think it was steepest in the beginning. I recommend going at least 1/4 mile past the second pillbox for the view of the mountains. For us, this was a perfect hike to do on the same day as Koko Head, as both hikes are challenging but not too long.