This was the first international trip I took without Leslie. My companion for this trip was my best childhood friend and best man to-be, Brent! Brent and I had been discussing a destination for a guys trip and ended up landing on Portugal. And Brent is a lot like me in that he likes to do the planning. When Les and I go on trips, I do 99.9% of the planning and try to be as detailed as I can. This time, it was the other way around - I did .01% of the planning and Brent took control. It was nice to have a little break!

I was set to arrive on Sunday March 17 at 630pm (after a 10 hour layover in Dublin). By that point, Brent had already been in Lisbon 3 days.

DAY 1 SUN 03.17.2019

IRELAND BONUS: I did not miss the chance to leave the airport in Dublin (on St. Patrick's Day!) and explore the city for a few hours. I didn't do a lot but if you'd like to check out what I did, CLICK HERE for a brief bonus page on Dublin.

I played it safe and arrived back at the Dublin airport a little earlier than I needed to, which ended up being a mistake...the flight to Lisbon was delayed 3 hours. I got into Lisbon at 930pm and just took a taxi straight to Brent's airbnb. Shoutout to Brent for getting me 2 ham and cheese sandwiches so I could have something to eat. I was exhausted from a super long day and we crashed!

DAY 2 MON 03.18.2019

That might have been the best night of sleep I ever had, which was good because we had big plans for Monday...

Train from Lisbon to Porto

Sao Bento Station

Lunch @ Rib Beef & Wine



Luis I Bridge (sunset)

Dinner @ O Caracas

Night photo @ Cleric's Tower

Lisbon to Porto: After a quick breakfast, we headed to the most beautiful train station I've seen (I haven't seen that many but it was beautiful), Estação do Oriente to get us from Lisbon up to Porto for the next couple days. 


São Bento Station: Upon arrival, we were greeted by this beautiful station. Good job with the train stations, Portugal.


After checking into our airbnb, we were ready to get out and explore Porto. We were staying right in the city and were able to walk pretty much everywhere we needed to go. Our first stop, however, was for lunch at Adega São Nicolau, a 'slow-dining' experience in Porto. This place had been recommended to Brent and looked and smelled delicious. After waiting 2nd in line for about 30 minutes (people in front of us still hadn't been seated), we decided to move on and maybe come back here the next day (we did). Instead, we ate at right down the street at Rib, Beef, & Wine, which was delicious!

Rib, Beef, & Wine: We were seated much more quickly and ate inside (although their outdoor patio looked just lovely. This was my first meal in Portugal and I was obsessed with the flavors of wine sauce and perfection they put into the Francesinha (€12,50). "It is like a Porto staple." I'm sure other restaurants have delicious ones as well, but you wouldn't be disappointed here.  We also split the mushroom, potato, truffle and ox jus (€8,50) appetizer and it was incredible. Those sauces!!

After lunch we did a good amount of just walking around Porto looking at sites, architecture, and trying to take good photos. Honestly, I couldn't tell you exactly where we walked but I believed we walked around the Ribeira and Vitoria parts of Porto close to the Luis I bridge. Here are some photos of places we were...

Sunset / The Evening: After walking around the city for a bit, we relaxed at the Airbnb for about an hour before heading to the perfect spot in Porto for sunset, the lookout of the Luis I Bridge at Miradouro da Serra do Pilar [41.138203, -8.608597]. We were here for about 2 hours shooting sunset and into the evening...

After that, we had dinner at O' Caracas, a restaurant that Brent had found in his research that was highly recommended. It was delicious, by the way. We were greeted in a homey-feeling place and we were offered 2 options for dinner. We both chose the veal.

From there, it was pretty much time to head back to the airbnb and go to sleep. We did make one final stop on the way back for another shot at some night photography. We used Cleric's Tower as the subject and got some long exposure photos of the traffic going by.

DAY 3 TUES 03.19.2019

Every day was pretty busy. This one was busy but wasn't quite as action-packed with as many activities. The first and possibly most important (at least to Brent) was to be the first in line at Livraria Lello, a bookstore that inspired Harry Potter (I don't know the details, I'm not a Harry Potter guy). We had more planned as well. Here's what the day looked like...

Breakfast @ Cafe Sao Nicolau

Livraria Lello

Lunch @ Adega Sao Nicolau

Chapel of Souls

Foz do Douro

Dinner @ Restaurante Flor dos Congregados

Cafe Sao Nicolau didn't really stand out (no breakfast place did), as breakfast for us pretty much every morning was a ham & cheese sandwich and a pastel de nata and every place tasted exactly the same (except Pasteis de Belem, but we'll get to that later). It was just a quick, easy bite, that was a minute walk from our airbnb.

Livaria Lello: Okay, this was the big event for the morning, as we were excited to get a shot of the staircase with no one in it, a quite difficult task to achieve. Brent had read online to go the night before and get your tickets in advance (YES, you need tickets to get in and they cost €5). They recommended getting there about 15 minutes early if you want to be first in line. We decided to get there 30 minutes early (ended up being 40 minutes early) and were still THIRD in line! The line was down the street 20 minutes before so definitely get here early if you want a photo with no one on it...very early! Our experience could have been worse. The first guy to go in really took his time on the stairs while everyone else was waiting to get the shot. We kind of knelt down with our cameras and people behind us were patiently waiting (and getting their shots) as soon as the man finally cleared out. We both got the photo with no one in it so that was pretty awesome. As soon as we went forward, it was like a stampede in there and the place was just packed full.

After a little more walking around and relaxing, it was time for lunch...

Adega Sao Nicolau: We tried coming here on day 1 but after waiting in line for 30 minutes we gave up. We got here on day 2 as soon as it opened and were seated quickly. They have an outdoor patio but we opted to sit inside, which I'd recommend since the interior is quite unique. It definitely had a fancy vibe to it (at least fancier than what I'm used to!). I ordered the veal again and it came in a bowl in a delicious sauce. I'd recommend coming here but make sure you have time to wait if you don't come right when it opens, as it seems to be a slow-dining location. 

Chapel of Souls: We came for the blue and white tiles and the photography.

Foz do Douro: This is an area of the west coast of Portugal with beaches and a lighthouse. We came here for sunset photography! It's about 5km away but we had no trouble getting an Uber round-trip.