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Met Up With A Fellow IGer

On Thursday night (10,28), I discovered a mutual Instagram follower and fellow photographer lives .6 miles from me. We decided to meet up and take a ride to Larch Mountain for some shooting.


10.30.21 - I picked him up at 6:30am and we took off for Larch Mountain in Oregon. After stopping for gas, my GPS was taking me a strange route and I did not realize this for another 10 minutes. Oops - I put in Larch Mountain on the Washington side. Yes, there is a Larch Mountain in Northern Oregon and a Larch Mountain in Southern Washington.

After correcting the error, we took off for Oregon and had an hour drive ahead of us. After getting to know each other a little bit, we arrived (and just missed sunrise thanks to my error! 😭. We walked up to Sherrard Point. I planned on flying the drone, but it was way too windy for me to feel comfortable. Here's my favorite photo from my camera of that spot.

Sherrard Point

From there, we headed down the road a little bit for a little more shooting. At that point, I took the drone out! Here's what I captured.

It was fun meeting Zach and testing out my new drone. Also, I had yet to come to Larch Mountain / Sherrard Point. It certainly would have been a great place for sunrise.

Before you go, check out some images Zach got from that day and be sure to follow him on Instagram as well at @zacherymartinez_

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