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What a unique little town. While having the chance to live only 2.5 hours from this town, we would have regretted not coming here. When we finally made the plan, it was kind of a last minute decision. I planned everything Friday morning before leaving Friday late afternoon. 

DAY 1 FRIDAY 09.28.2018 

We left from Kent, WA at 4pm with plans of getting dinner, walking around town, and finding some live music (there's plenty!). Here's what the evening looked like.

Walk around Leavenworth

Dinner @ Bavarian Bistro & Bar

Beer / Live Music @ Icicle Brewing

Camping on NF-7601

Leavenworth: It wasn't easy finding parking. It was very busy & touristy. There are paid lots but we did find street parking after circling around a couple times. The town is so unique and is modeled based on a Bavarian Village. There is no shortage of German food...that's for sure! As we walked around, we read every menu we walked by looking for a place to eat and ended up deciding on the Bavarian Bistro & Bar (see below)

Bavarian Bistro & Bar: We were trying to decide between here and Stein, which are right next to each other. Ultimately we chose this place and it was a great decision as the food was delicious. I can't remember what Leslie's dish was called. I tried searching online and it's not listed on their menu but it was sooo good. I got the reuben and it was fantastic. The waitress told me the reuben is "the reason we work here" and it was excellent quality. We sat in the bar, which was nice. It was open seating and the Sox game was on.

Icicle Brewing: We came here to sip on a beer and enjoy a little live music. We didn't want to stay too long cause we had to get ready for our big Saturday hike. I ended up ordering the chocolate stout (instead of the raspberry wheat) and it was enjoyable! They have plenty of patio seating (but it was busy) and it was great having the live music.

*TIP: Other places I found that have live music regularly are Der Hinterhor Beer Garden, Andreas Keller, Alley Cafe, Bavarian Bistro.

Click HERE for Leavenworths' caldenar of events.