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Waterfall Wknd in Southern Washington

Upper Lewis River Falls

05.14.21 - Per usual, after work, we took off for our campsite for the night and found a nice, wooded spot. It looked like it would have been an old abandoned campground with several designated spots. No amazing views, but just a nice spot with plenty of space.


05.15.21 - The plan was to hike the Lewis River Falls Trail, beginning at the Lower Falls. The lower falls parking area was full, so we started at middle falls, hiked up to the Upper Falls, then backtracked to middle and then hiked to lower. It worked out just fine. Starting from lower would be 8.6mi with just under 1,000' gain. All three falls were very nice to see and unique in their own way. Also, for this hike we met up with a friend, Marshall and his wife! It was nice enjoying this hike with them.

Lewis River Falls

Leslie and I were camping for the night and had another hike planned for the next day. Our company decided to come with us to the campsite to hang out for a little while. They followed us through some forested roads to a site we had not been yet. I had found this place online after doing some research and was expecting a fantastic mountain view. When we arrived, it was all wooded, but after a few minutes, we discovered it was just a short 2 minute walk to the view!



05.16.21 - This day did not work out as originally planned, but that's okay! The plan was to hike to Black Hole Falls. We took off from our campsite that morning and when we got to the road that was going to take us to the trailhead, there were confusing signs on the road, making us think we may have been trespassing if we continued on the road. I never saw anything about this online so I'm not sure what happened. So, waterfall wknd ended a day early and we just headed home!


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