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Summit Lake

Trailhead Location48.077049, -121.745551


Distance: 5.4mi RT

Elevation Gain: 1,350'

Difficulty Rating: 3/5

NOV 25, 2018

This is another fantastic day hike option that is within 2 hours of the Seattle area. I loved this hike and I don’t know why we hadn’t chosen to do it sooner.

At the trailhead, the NW Forest pass is required. We actually forgot our pass and when I went to look for the box for a day pass, there was a sign stating it had been removed due to vandalism. We also saw glass in the parking lot. Don’t leave valuables in your car!


The trail starts very foresty with a gentle grade climb. The trail was fairly wet. There was no shortage of waterfalls along the way!

We continued the incline and enjoyable scenery around us.


We finally knew we were getting close to the summit once we found snow

Just before summiting, we found these incredible views along the trail, out in the distance.


Finally, here we were at the lake. It was definitely colder at the higher elevation. We were very lucky the lake had not been completely frozen over yet. There is a trail around the lake. We took ¼ of it around the left side. There were only a few other people there and it was very easy to find a spot to spend some quiet time, enjoying the scenery.


This shot above was a 36 shot pano to get the whole scene in!

We returned to the car without anyone breaking into the van! After that, we headed out for lunch!


I loved this place!  Partially because I was super hungry but it was absolutely delicious. Nick’s Gyro’s & Burgers had one of the best order at the counter burgers and fries I can recall. Everything tasted fresh and was cooked perfectly. The fries were amazing. I want to come back here all the time.


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